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How to determine the size of your stencil



   Remember to take into consideration any upper or lower case letters that drop below the other letters in the word or phrase. The height of both the upper and lower case letters will determine the overall height of your stencil.
    For example, the image below shows an upper case K and R with a lower case p and g that will be a part of the overall height of your stencil. 

    If you are making a sign on a 1" x 6" board, the real height of the board will be 5", therefore you'll want the total height of the stencil to be no larger than 5". This will give you a small amount of space between the lettering and the edge of the board.  In our opinion, a stencil no higher than 4" would look the best on a 1" x 6" board.


    Now if you choose an all upper case stencil, it would look like this:

    There aren't any dropped letters to have to take into consideration when choosing the size of your stencil.
2.   When choosing the font style for your stencil, remember a detailed font in a very small size will not give you the details you may hope to have with your finished work.|
For example, the fancy font shown herewill be very difficult to stencil and even more difficult to read.  If we receive an order with a font style and size that we believe will not work well in a stencil, we will contact the customer and inform them of their options.  We don't want to accept orders for designs we know our customers won't be happy with.
3.    Our Custom Stencil Designer allows you the option for a 2 line saying.  Please remember that the overall dimensions for the stencil will include both lines.  For instance, if you choose a stencil that is 4" tall, that will include both lines, meaning that each line will be less than 2" tall including any dropped letters.