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Primitive Designs Finishing Varnish

Description:  Our own water-based Matte Varnish used to add a protective finish to your work. Using a varnish adds a beautiful richness to your colors. It also prevents dust and dirt from embedding into your work and will allow you to dust and clean with a damp cloth. 

We wish we could offer our varnish to you at bargain prices, but we can't risk selling a low quality product. Many varnishes will yellow with time and ruin your work. We have formulated a quality varnish that's non-toxic, odorless and easy to use. If, in time, we find a less expensive product, we'll be sure to pass on the savings to you. In the meantime, if you choose to purchase another brand of varnish, please don't hesitate to contact us if you have questions about the quality of the product. We're always here to help you!

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Primitive Designs Finishing Varnish
Available in 5 different sizes.



Due to weight, the following charges will be
added to regular shipping rates.
4 ounce bottle: $1.00
8 ounce bottle: $1.50
16 ounce bottle: $2.00
1 Gallon: $8.00

Additional charges for International shipping
will also apply


About our stenciling supplies:
All of the products we use are water-based and non-toxic. Through the years, we've found that most people don't have the luxury of having a fancy workshop or separate painting space. This means that many of you are painting in a spare room or even your kitchen table! Harsh fumes are dangerous and can cause health problems for you or worse yet, your young children. As with all products, test prior to use and use ventilation if you are sensitive to any chemicals.

Please Note:
We offer the above supplies to our customers, but please understand that we stock a limited number of each item.  If you are needing a large amount of a specific item, we recommend that your locate a supplier who handles mass-quantities.  We also ask your understanding when we are not able to fill your order for supplies. 

Supplies do not qualify for Frequent Buyer Points

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