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Unfinished Paper Mache Box Set   UNFINISHED ROUND NESTING SET/8

1 large round with 7 small nesting boxes.  Used with our spice sets, Crow Desk Set, Candy Set and sewing set. 

This set measures:
1 Large: 9 1/2"
7 Small: 3"

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Item # 1111             

PRICE: $19.95

Due to weight, a $2.50 charge will be added to regular shipping rates. Additional charges for International shipping will also apply **


Please Note:
We offer the above supplies to our customers, but please understand that we stock a limited number of each item.  If you are needing a large amount of a specific item, we recommend that your locate a supplier who handles mass-quantities.  We also ask your understanding when we are not able to fill your order for supplies. 

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