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written about Primitive Designs Stencil Co.

I have used your stencils for about two years now and I just thought you'd like to see my signs I made with them.  Most are scripture, wedding and Christmas

Thank You for making fine quality stencils that last and are very crafter friendly.

Rita M.

I have about 9 or 10 gameboards done now and still love making them. A few of them are plain without borders. Just to let you know, I gave one to my sister and she put it on her ebay site. She sold it, the schoolhouse, willow tree, and sheep. Customers on ebay have a chance to give feedback on products they have purchased and the customer stated, "Thank you, I loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" She actually put 15 exclamations points after her comment.

Do people ever try and sell these gameboards at weekend swap meets etc? Is that okay? I noticed one lady in the magazine stated she left some of her stencil products etc. made from your stencils at a store and they sold well.

The real joy is in making them and I am thinking of some friends I am going to give some to as presents.

15 exclamations points from the lady in Maryland. I'm not kidding.

Thank you,

I ordered my stencils and thought I'd stop the order. So glad I didn't! The box was delivered on Saturday and Sunday I used them. I had an old "dog eared" fence board that I've had in the garage for some weeks trying to decide what to do with it. I used your stencils and it turned out great!!!!! I stenciled on the words "THE CROWS NEST" and added crows and stars and attached it to a pergola I have outside. If I were to have tried this free hand it would have ended up in the scrap pile. I would love to send you a picture. Can't believe how it turned out!!!!!!! I would recommend your company to anyone.

Thanks again for a great product!!!!!!!


To: All at Primitive Designs Stencil Co.....

I cannot tell you how I felt when I finally stenciled my quote. I had no trouble doing this and it turned out perfectly. Yesterday we framed the painting and the stencil looks great. I am so happy I found your company on the Internet.

I am so grateful that you helped me with this project. Thank you for all you did for me. I will always remember how kind you were.

Yours truly,

I used the stencils that I ordered a little while ago & they work beautifully...Thank-you so much for such wonderful products...

I finally put closure on the sign and I put it up Sunday.

As I worked with this sign, I increasingly appreciated what you did for us.  I could never have done this sign this well w/o your design, i.e. by buying and applying stencils.  The way you used three different stencil sizes made the difference.  I do not know how you do this, but it is great and we really appreciate your kind and generous help.

The sign is not perfect, but I am real proud of how well it came out.  Enclosed is a photo of our finished sign and my bride of 40 years. 

Thanks again! 

Hello, I received the stencils today - THANK YOU! They are lovely.  I
appreciate the enclosed picture with each stencil and the instruction
sheets.  Thanks for the extra gifts you included and the stencils are of the
best quality. I will be back.  Thank you for a Job Well Done and fast
response to my earlier Email. 

Thank you. You help me amaze friends and family. Let it be our secret how easy you make it for me.

Just wanted to write and Thank You for the fasssst service & shipping!  So much appreciated!  Now that I located you again, I hope to give you and send some more business your  way.

Thanks again!

We just wanted to drop you a line and thank you for the great service and high quality stencils your company provides.

My wife and I are starting our own business and were looking for new, handcrafted products to add to our line that we could create ourselves. Neither of us have ever stenciled before so this was a new experience for both of us. The instructions that were included with the stencils provided some great tips to get us started.

After one practice sign to get a feel for the process, we created our first sign. It came out beautifully. It was so nice, my neighbor saw it when she stopped in
and bought it on the spot.

My wife and I look forward to continuing our business relationship with your company.

Thanks again,


I  wanted to take the time to thank you for something.  I don't know if you realize but your stencils really do make a difference for some people.  Over a year ago my husband was out to sea, sent to Afghanistan for 6 months just after September 11th.  I was at home with our daughter trying to find something to keep my mind off him being so far away and decided to start working with a few stencils that I had recently purchased from you.  I made a few signs for the house saying things that reminded me of him, so when I woke up in the morning, they were there.  A few friends saw the signs and wanted some for their house.  They had friends and family that wanted the same. 

Well, here we are almost a year later, and I will be opening a website October 1st :)  I have a local booth at a store in town and everyone loves the signs I make, they go the fastest.  Next to the laundry canisters that seems to fly away as soon as I walk through the door to restock. 

Your stencils gave me something really great, something that was just mine.  So, thank you!!  I know this story sounds really corny, but I love telling it to people because I believe some of the greatest things come from accidental beginnings. 

Thanks, I look forward to hearing from you


Good Afternoon! Just wanted to say that I love your new website! I've purchased a number of your stencil sets but haven't visited your site lately. I'm painting some things for a large craft show in Nov. and needed some incentive and ideas so I took a peek to see what was new. I'm so glad I did!! The frequent buyer program is a great idea-I hope to use it soon! Your new stencil designs are really different and make me want to paint more and more!

Thanks so much for a great product and wonderful service!


Just a great company to purchase from, again and again!!

Hello Primitive Stencils!  I have been sitting at my computer (we just recently got on-line) for four and a half hours looking for primitive stencils.  Boy did I hit the jack-pot when I found your site. I am placing a small order today and anticipate many more orders from you.  Your site is FABULOUS!  Keep up the great art!

Just a quick note to let you know the stencils arrived and I have already completed a sign!  Thank you.  These are so easy to use and achieve a great look.

Keep up the good work and thanks again.

Thanks so much for offering your quality products and fast & friendly service! Your stencils are by far the BEST! C.M.

Received my usual I am awestruck at how great they are!
Thank you...thank you...thank you,  S.H.

Thanks for great service!!! I will recommend you to all and will be more than happy to use you guys again!!!!  K.C.

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