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We do not resell ANY original designs.  If you own it, it's yours exclusively. We handle all custom original artwork on a strictly private basis.  We do not advertise or share your information with any other individual or company.



If you have an original design you wish to have made into a stencil, please read the following information:

For best results, high quality black and white line artwork is required.  We can work from your mailed or faxed artwork. 

 Black and white line art is the best quality.  It must be line art, we can not make
stencils from photographs.
  We can quote a price from faxed artwork, but we can not design a stencil from a fax. 
   Faxed artwork can be blurry and distorted. 
 You can mail us your artwork on floppy disc or CD.
 Please be certain to include the size you want the finished design to be.
  Include your name, e-mail address, and any other information needed for us to respond
   to your request.

To fax your design - 1-877-919-3809 - toll free

To mail your design to - Primitive Designs Stencil Co. 732 W Porter Ridge Rd, Spencer, IN 47460

Or submit your file below -

Full Name:
Email Address:
Telephone #:
Description of Design:

Size needed: inches wide  x  inches tall

Upload File:     



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