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Primitive Designs began over 18 years ago by Leanne Watson.  Educated in Interior Design, she has been trained or self-taught in quilting, seamstress work, woodworking, basket weaving, painting, candle making and of course, stencil design and stenciling.

In the beginning, Primitive Designs made and sold everything needed to decorate a home.  There wasn't a limit to what was offered and custom built items were a specialty.

As the company grew, the local shop was closed and they began selling to customers world-wide through the Internet. It was at this time that they began to focus on specific items such as: signs, decorative shaker box sets, game boards, floorcloths, shelves and small cabinets. 

After being contacted several times about having their finished items mass-produced and imported, Leanne decided she wanted her company to go in a different direction. She began to design stencils from their finished items and offer them to their customers and all the companies who would inquire about how their items were made.

Primitive Designs is now officially Primitive Designs Stencil Company.  They no longer offer finished pieces, but continue to design new, fresh and original stencils that many, many people use to make and sell items throughout the world. [Click here to read customer comments]

In addition to selling stencils, they also help their customers locate supplies and offer advice in just about every aspect of the crafting industry.

These days, Leanne may no longer personally answer the phone lines, but she's still very much a part of the business.  Most often she's working with custom stencils or designing something new that never seems to get on the web site as fast as she wants it to. She loves to hear comments, good or bad and realizes customer feedback is the most important aspect to her business. Click here to contact Leanne directly.



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